Monday, June 23, 2014

[Review] Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green


It's been a long time since my last blog post so I thought that I could start over with some reviews, why not?

So here I am with the review of these circle lenses:

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green!

I received these lenses from Blooming Pansies ... actually I got them last summer and they have recently expired T_T, so this review is also a goodbye to these beauties...~ (My beloved Puffy 3 tones in blue expired too  ç_ç !!!)

Anyway, let's start the review!

Brand: Geo
Dia: 15mm
Water content: 38%
BC: 8.7mm
Duration: 12months


This design is quite unique and made famous by the amazing Tsubasa Masuwaka!
When I ordered them I actually had a hard time choosing the color cause the collection is just GORGEOUS!

Don't you agree?
The green color is not so opaque (unfortunately :( ) but it's still visible and gives a nice green shade to the eyes. The thick black limbal ring gives these lenses such a dolly look!
I love 'em so much and I'm actually planning to get the grey ones *shiny eyes*


Let's make it simple:

These circle lenses make your eyes huge and of course you need to put some black eyeliner to frame them better. I have nothing else to say about the enlargement, just look at the pictures and try them yourself!


Since they are so big they can make your eyes dry faster, anyway I used to wear them for many hours (+8).
So I advise you to keep in your bag some eyedrops !


I recommend these lenses especially for camwhoring with flash cause it really makes the color come out!
And if you are a gyaru or simply love Tsubasa, you can't miss them!

Thanks to Blooming Pansies for these beautiful lenses! Check out their Facebook Page and leave a like! 

I hope you found this review helpful! Comment and share it with your friends if you'd like ◕‿◕。

Monday, December 2, 2013

My pets are my children

Hello my lovely readers,

I've been really busy lately going after my dream and I'm finally getting some results! I'm really happy even though my ginger baby, Jasper, hasn't felt so good last week and on Monday I took him to the vet and...
When I was in the waiting room I talked to other people and an old woman told me that her dog was in a special room cause she was pregnant but she couldn't give birth to her babies so we was really weak and painful... that poor dog died... and the vet didn't save the puppies.. he could have with a c-section but I wonder why he didn't.... as the husband of that lady came out of the room with the dog covered with a white tissue... it's been so hard not to cry... my tears were just about to fall... thinking of that dog with her babies in her body ready to come to life but... they couldn't... it's really so sad!
I'm speechless and so grateful to have my cats and I will do anything to keep them healthy and live a happy life with me.
They will probably see me getting married and having my children... they'll be part of many important events of my life.
Right now... I can't see so well what I'm writing cause... I'm crying...sorry *sighs*
Thinking about all the birds I had, hamsters... my first puppy (Astra) and the dog (Astra 2) that has lived with me since I was 8 years old til 5 years ago.

They are part of my life and will always be; I'm sure many of you know what im talking about....

Well I better dry these tears and cuddle my babies ^^

xoxo to you from a teary animal lover♥

Saturday, November 23, 2013

How to: be confident

Confidence, what is it?

"A belief in your own ability to do things and be successful"
{quote from: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Being bullied during my childhood didn't help in making me a confident young lady. I was told to be ugly, "chinese" (cause of my almond eyes) and a monkey (my body was quite elastic and flexible)... nice to things to say to a little girl, yeah~

So how could I gain some confidence?

As I grew up I noticed how I was "special" in my own way - trying to be like any other girl was so hard for me - and in the end, I found out that I didn't want to be just "one of them" but just "me".

They couldn't accept me? They thought I was a weirdo? I didn't care anymore.

Someone said "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" well, that's how I gained a bit of confidence.

I'm still working on it, cause I'm not enough confident, especially in my look... some scars are hard to go away, you know..

It's not so easy for me to write this post cause I gotta go back in time and open some of those scars... but I think that many of you can relate to my story.. Who has never been hurt by others' words?!

If you're reading this post is probably cause you want to know how to actually boost your confidence... so let me give you some quick advices...

Become aware of your uniqueness:

Yes, you're unique, there's noone like you and you are the result of your own life experience, you're special, it's true!

Find your style: This might sound stupid but our look really makes a difference in the way we feel about ourselves! Be inspired by magazines, street fashion and make a list of what you like... and experiment! Being comfortable in your style will instantly boost your confidence!

● Be positive:

"After rain theres a rainbow, after a storm theres calm, after the night theres a morning, and after a ending theres a new beginning" Got it? ^.~

● Watch your body language:

 Body language speaks more than words... You don't know how to act confidently? Push back your shoulder, keep your chin parallel to the ground.. be aware of your whole body and others will notice the difference!

These are some basic tips and I hope you'll find them useful!

Please leave a comment with your personal experience or your thoughts about these tips.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Life is...

Life is so unpredictable

Who knew that I would be planning to move to South Korea...
and that I'm in "love" with a dream guy

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[How to] Cleo Face Mask

Hello my lovely reader,

I'm back with a new "how to" post.

I was listening to Kpop and watching some korean make up tutorial and I thought that my skin needs some boost to look perfect even without make up so I made up this face mask!
(of course I'm not the first to have made this mask but personally I've never found a tutorial for this type of mask)

To make this magic mask, all you need is some milk  and 3-4 cotton pads !

Easy, right?

Do this mask whenever you want and you'll see the results!
Let me know how your skin improves!

A healthy skin is a beautiful skin!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Love at your door

Love doesn't knock,
comes in without asking for permission.

Ready or not,
here it comes.
That's all you can do.
오빠를 사랑해

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Review] Dueba Puffy 3 tones in blue

Hello my lovely readers, here's my new circle lens review, and the lenses I'm going to review are...

 Dueba Puffy 3 tones in blue!
I bought this pair on the site HoneyColor and I'm pretty satisfied, the shipping time was quite long but it arrived and  I'm sorry for the lens box that was a bit damaged... but overall the service is good!

Now let's start the review...!

Brand: Dueba
Dia: 14.5mm
Water content: 38%
BC: 8.6mm
Duration: 1 year


The design is really simple and natural, the outer ring is not black, like most circle lenses, but it's a dark blue and this makes the lenses more natural and vibrating.
The color around the hole is a honey brown and blends really well with my brown eyes.
The middle blue is simply AMAZING! I really love this colour, suits me so much with my reddish hair and light skin.... O M G ! Love!
Why I give it 5/5? Because even though the design is really simple, it's perfect for this colour and the result is just perfect!


These lenses are 14.5mm not so big and they kinds look natural but when you take them off you can really see the difference! 


5 out of 5 !!! I wore these lenses the first time for 13 hours! A whole day.... and they were still fine! My eyes got a bit red (obviously I was tired) but the lenses were still perfect! These are the BEST lenses for comfort.... no further comment is needed, just PERFECT!
Ps: The lenses used to move a bit on my eyes the first time and I could sometimes have blurry vision cause of the lenses moving a bit on the side but seems that it fixed itself.


I don't have many lenses (I own 4 pairs and the 5th is on its way) but these circle lenses are.... THE BOMB!
I'm in love with them and I think I'll buy them again, don't know if in other colours, because the blue ones are amazing! Super super love puffy 3 tones!

Natural light
This last photo shows best the beauty of these lenses... My favs!

thanks for reading my blog, comment and share it with your friends ^_^